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Cloud backup for
Microsoft 365

We partner with Dropsuite to provide effortless, easy to use, cloud backup solutions for Microsoft 365 and email.

Dropsuite for Microsoft 365

What is Dropsuite

Dropsuite is a complete backup solution for Microsoft 365. It backs up Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams and more. Most areas of 365 are backed up mutliple times a day with no limit on the amount of data stored. This means no hidden charges and a clear cost per user, making Dropsuite backup a must have for any business using Microsoft 365.

Backing up Microsoft 365

Why do I need a backup solution?

Human error

A key factor in data security breaches is human error. In 2021, companies lost an average of $4.61 million due to such errors and insider threats, with a subsequent 10% year-over-year increase in data breach costs.

Microsoft service limitation

While Microsoft assures the integrity of the infrastructure, the same cannot be said for customer data. According to Microsoft’s Service Agreement (Sec. 6b), they advocate utilising external, third-party solutions to backup Office 365 and fill this particular gap.

Recycle bin limitation

In Microsoft 365/Office 365, deleted emails have a time limit in the recycle bin—lasting only 90 days. Once this period elapses, the system automatically removes these emails.

Frequently asked questions

Here's what we are asked regularly

Is there a limit to the amount of data you can store?  >

No, Dropsuite will backup all data with an unlimited amount of space, wether you have 5GB of emails or TBs of data across all areas of 365, there is no difference in cost.

How often does Dropsuite backup data?  >

The amount of times backed up depends on the area of 365.

  • Exchange emails – 

How does the licensing work?  >

Dropsuite is billed monthly per user with no annual commitment.

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