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IoT SIMs and connectivity

Our IoT connectivity solutions offer secure global coverage at competitive prices, ensuring your devices stay connected wherever they are in the world.

What is an IoT SIM?

An IoT SIM is a specialised SIM card that connects Internet of Things (IoT) devices to cellular networks, enabling reliable and secure data communication. IoT SIMs support features like remote management and multi-network connectivity – essential for applications such as security, retail and manufacturing.


IoT SIM cards are designed to be rugged, ensuring durability and reliable performance in harsh environments. They’re built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and humidity.


Also known as un-steered connectivity, IoT SIMs enable devices to switch between cellular networks seamlessly. This ensures continuous and reliable service.

Remote management

Our IoT SIM cards can be managed remotely through our portal, allowing easy monitoring and control of your devices. This simplifies tasks such as activation, data usage tracking, and troubleshooting.


CCTV & security

Our tailored CCTV and security solutions enable advanced automation and secure surveillance, enhancing your security infrastructure.


With our customised IoT solutions, you’ll gain real-time visibility of your business, so you’re better equipped to manage your systems and achieve total operational efficiency.


In demanding industrial and manufacturing settings, IoT allows your devices to transmit real-time data, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Drive your supply chain by leveraging real-time tracking and monitoring. This reduces the need for manual intervention and strengthens your overall supply chain infrastructure.

Media and broadcasing

With IoT, your media and broadcasting operations can benefit from efficient content delivery and the ability to quickly adapt to changing environments.

Asset tracking

Whatever your asset tracking requirements, you can leverage our IoT connectivity solutions to gain real-time visibility into your resources and monitor your assets.

What our clients think

I highly recommend Saunders Networks to any business looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure. Their blend of technical prowess, understanding of current compliance and security challenges, and unwavering support makes them an invaluable partner in navigating the complexities of modern IT requirements.
Paul Taylor, Calex UK

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