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Microsoft 365 audits

If your business has already implemented Microsoft 365, we offer a comprehensive audit of your current environment. Our expert team will conduct a thorough analysis to identify any inefficiencies or mismatches in license allocation.

How can this help my business?

This assessment ensures that you optimise your investment by avoiding unnecessary costs and ensuring that your team has access to the appropriate tools they need.

With the aid of our specialised monitoring tool, we will generate a detailed report outlining areas for improvement and provide recommendations to streamline and maximise your Microsoft 365 environment.

How does an audit work?

Initial discussion

We'll start with an initial discussion to understand your business' specific pain points and objectives. This crucial step allows us to gain insights into the areas that require attention and determine what you aim to achieve through the audit. By establishing a clear understanding of your current issues and goals, we can ensure that our audit delivers the most relevant and effective results.


Our next step is to assess your existing environment. This involves conducting a comprehensive review of your license allocation and usage, examining where each license is deployed and utilized within your organization. Additionally, we will evaluate any third-party software solutions you may be employing to determine if there are suitable alternatives available within your Microsoft 365 license.

Specialist audit tools

We'll use our specialised tool, which integrates within your 365 environment, to gather data over a period of 2-4 weeks. This enables us to gain insights into how your users utilise their licenses, identifying which 365 products they actively engage with and those that remain underutilised. We can then determine the most efficient license allocation for each individual user, as well as for your overall business needs.

Implement suggestions

We will provide you with comprehensive implementation suggestions. As part of our service, we will begin management of your 365 evironment by implementing our audit findings and providing managed licenses for your entire business. We'll continue to monitor your 365 tennant as part of our regular management to ensure your business and it's users are always making the most of it's licenses.

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