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Looking to move your users to 365? We're experts in migrating a variety of platforms to 365, no matter how many users.

Migrate to Microsoft 365

Avoiding downtime and reducing disruption

Avoiding downtime is key to a sucessful migration, we understand your business and it's users can't stop, we'll make sure we complete your migration without affecting the day to day operations of your business. We'll complete a pre-stage migration to move the older data across before completing a full stage migration when ready to switch over.

What we do

Email & data migration process

Establish licensing

We start by working analysing your existing environment with you to plan license requirements to ensure we build a cost effective but efficient 365 tenant.

Begin migration setup

We'll then begin to setup our migration tools to migrate from your current environment, wether this be Google Workspace, IMAP or even PST files. We can migrate from most providers.

Start migration

We then begin migrating your data, we do this in a variety of ways depending on the amount of users and the size of data being migrated.


Once the first stage of the migration has completed we'll then procced to change your MX records over and finish the remaining stages of the migration if doing a pre-stage/cutover migration.


Once complete we'll ensure 365/Exchange online is deployed correctly to all users and will assist with ensuring everyone is online and provide training if required on using the new systems.
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Frequently asked questions

Here's what we are asked regularly

Is there a limit to the amount of users you can migrate?  >

Not at all, we’ve migrated single mailboxes for a single user through to hundreds of users across large companies. Just be aware the more users there are to migrate the longer the migration may take.

How long does an email migration take?  >

This can depend on the amount of users and data. We find a typical migration of a 100 user + company takes a few weeks including setup and completion. A few small mailboxes on the other hand could be completed in a day or two.

How do you migrate email and user data?  >

We use a tool called Bittitan, our team knows it well and are all certified “Bittitan Experts”. Bittitan connects to the existing environment and your 365 tenant to move the data.

Can you migrate older POP mailboxes?  >

Yes, we can migrate POP mailboxes, we can use PST files from each user to move the data to Microsoft 365.

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