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Exclaimer email signatures

Exclaimer is a centrally managed email signature solution for businesses of all sizes. Achieve consistent branding and unlock new marketing channels.

Exclaimer email signature management

Centrally managed email signatures

Exclaimer seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to provide a consistent email signature across your business. No matter what device an email is sent from it will always have the required signature without having to worry about users installing signatures properly on their devices, everything is managed by us centrally from the Exclaimer admin.

Why Exclaimer?

What can Exclaimer do?

Central management

Take control of every user's email signature for easier management. No more missing signatures or users forgetting to change a banner, we'll handle everything.

Brand consistency

Maintain brand consistency across your business with Exclaimer on all devices, even mobile and Mac. Branding changes can even be scheduled to deploy across all users.

New marketing channels

Having a Exclaimer signature unlocks new marketing opportunities for your business. Add scheduled banners, feedback links, meeting booking links and more.
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Frequently asked questions

Here's what we are asked regularly

Is there a minimum licnese number for Exclaimer?  >

Not at all, whether you are a single user looking to improve your signature or a larger company with many users, we can provide Exclaimer to everyone.

Can you handle everything to do with our signatures?  >

Absolutely, we provide Exclaimer as a managed solution, we’ll handle setup, deployment and on-going management of all signatures. 

How does Exclaimer work on any device?  >

Exclaimer works by routing email through it’s system before delivering the email to the end user, during this routing it has the signature added to the email, this means no signature needs to be active locally on a users device.

Can you design a bespoke signature for us?  >

Yes, we have a variety of signature options we have already built that can be deployed straight away but if you are looking for something unique we have a design team that can design a bespoke signature for you.

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